The Long Night - Transylvania Chronicles

Session 3 - Family History

25th October 1197

  • The characters leave for the home of Erhart Grimaldi’s family, to still find them all awake in vigil for their dead son. Dispensing with the formalities of being welcomed into the house, Maria brusquely questions the family about what they saw of Erhart’s murder. The family saw nothing, but the servants remarked that a cloaked old woman matching Polychenya’s description was seen leaving the house at remarkable speed while Erhart burned to death. Allegedly, none tried to stop her leaving.
  • Militsza examined the book’s in Erhart’s chambers, which were mostly in Latin but partly in a language she did not understand. She ordered a servant to prepare them to be taken back to her lodgings in the cathedral grounds. All present note that it is curious that the chambers have windows.
  • After a thorough search of the house, Maria tells the family to go to bed and not leave their rooms, despite urging from Konrad to be more civil to them. Maria, Konrad and Almarick then search the house, and find a hole under the floor in the cellar. Almarick goes down, to find only a short burrow lined with cloth.
  • Maria gets suspicious and summons the household, only to find a servant girl missing. The party leave in haste and track her down to a run-down quarter of Pest, a few hours before sunrise. The coterie descends into a disheveled house, prepared for a fight.
  • The coterie hears chanting coming from under the floor of the house, a passage from which leads to an underground stone amphitheatre. From a distance, the following words were heard in Hungarian:

Mark the shadow which flies
Mark the dragon which rises
Mark the darkness which moves
Mark the shadow of the moon
Mark the angel that dies
Mark the maiden who weeps
Mark the children Embraced
Mark the Clanless kings

  • This was coming from a mob of Hungarians wielding torches, being directed by three identical old women. These were mostly barged aside by Maria and Konrad, who set about attacking the three figures. After a prolonged fight, in which time Militza fled from the chamber after seeing a wall of flames, Konrad and Almarick were separated from the group by it and Damian killed two of the women after diving through the flames to chase the retreating figures.
  • On attempting the Amaranth, Damian was burned by taking on their blood. Instead he took one of their skulls.
  • The group returned to Vencel before sunrise, who congratulated them briefly before announcing that they must leave. Using Konrad’s money, many of the coterie took up temporary lodgings at the House of the Red Hedgehog.



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