A humble, cultured Turkish merchant of the Royal Market of Pest, this Assamite bears the dubious distinction of being one of the farthest flung ambassadors of his clan.


A distinguished, dignified eastern gentleman wearing a simple turban and the robes of a merchant. His dark eyes are intense and soulful, full of painful experience. His dark beard and mustache are very well kept and his expression is affable and approachable. He is armed only with a Saracen dagger.


Humble and pleasant to a fault, Fariq al-Kareem (Fariq the Generous) holds considerable sway with the foreign merchants that ply their trade in the Royal Market of Pest. As many of these merchants deal in highly valuable and easily portable luxury items, he also has access to considerable wealth at short notice. The recognition of such a valuable Domain for a member of the Low Clans and a foreigner is particularly noteworthy, especially as Prince Vencel and his court are noticeably cool towards Fariq. He is called in when the prince has a question regarding foreign custom or when Vencel feels a need to remind each Cainite in the city just who they are beholden to.

It is thought that Fariq is an elder in his own country, but given his lack of status and membership of a Low Clan he is considered to be barely on par with an ancilla in Buda-Pest. Prince Vencel displays all due noblesse oblige for a fellow Cainite and a resident of his city; nor does he display any prejudices of mortal racism or bigotry towards Fariq. He does not tolerate rudeness towards the Turk either, but there can be no doubt that Fariq is “a stanger in a strange land.”


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