Welcome to the Long Night in Transylvania, the Bastion Dark Ages: Vampire chronicle. It is a place where unspeakable things creep in the shadows, and and ordinary folk do unspeakable things for safety, loyalty and greed. The nights stretch long into the years, and offer promises to any who would risk their present for their future.

In the Land Beyond the Forest, blood and faith rule. Hungarians and others from Germany expand East, driven by unseen overlords and committing horrors against the natives. Will you be among them, or will you be trampled by the years themselves?

This will be the hub of all player information about the chronicle, and chart the course of the PCs and their investments throughout the 800-year course of the game.

In the Beginning – how the chronicle begins, and where the PCs have come from.

Act I – The Crucible of the East

The Long Night - Transylvania Chronicles

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